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As many of us who work on new treatments for psoriasis realize, the current tools of PASI and static IGA (PGA) used to measure the disease state and thus whether or not the treatment has been successful, actually appears to show a false decrease in effectiveness when the psoriasis has cleared over 90% but not yet to 100%. Thus, a new measuring tool or an correction of the PASI and IGA (PGA) needs to be developed. In order for the fix to be presentable to regulatory agencies the new tool must not favours one treatment over another, and thus must be a multi-national consensus for a proposed fix that is agreed upon by investigators in academics, industry and non-affiliated, patient advocacy groups, evidence based groups, etc as well as that the pharmaceutical industry and device industry find the fix to be workable in new treatment development. Currently, this group is forming under the oversight of the SID administration. The pharmaceutical industry is being asked to be non-voting members. If you are interested in learning more and or wish to participate email The pSOAR project has gained momentum. An international multidisciplinary meeting to discuss the process is to be held at the AAD 2013 in Miami Beach, FL. Read the details in the Future Meetings tab. At the AAD 2013 the interest parties met, support for the effort was obtained from the PsoriasisERG. It was agreed that the pSOAR effort would collaborate with the IDEOM effort to also identify new more effect outcome measures for psoriasis. Those interested in this project will be meeting in Toronto on July 13-14 after the GRAPPA meeting.

If you are interested in being included

ADEN's pSOAR Initiative

Psoriasis Outcome Assessment Review

Chair;  James A Solomon, MD PhD

Co-Chair:  Murad Alam, MD



International dermatology  Outcome Measures

Sponsored by  National Psoriasis Foundation

Leaders:  April Abernethy MD,   Alice Gottlieb MD,  April Armstrong MD

2013 pSOAR joined efforts with IDEOM