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ACORN Group:

The short-term objectives of the ACORN group are to provide tools and set standards to improve the reliability of acne lesion counting, to assess the impact of both facial and truncal acne on quality of life and to generate pilot data on novel photographic techniques to evaluate acne while working to achieve consensus on the content and desirable features of global severity scales used to evaluate acne on the face, chest and back.

The long-term objective is to use a team-based approach to develop a tool box of validated instruments to measure acne outcomes that are important to patients, clinicians and researchers for use in ALL clinical trials and which are also suitable for use in everyday clinical practice.

GREAT database .

This is a link to Global Resource for ExcemA Trials fantastic resource for eczema researchers and is a maintained and up to date database of RCTs and systematic reviews of eczema treatments 

HOME - this is a link to an international initiative looking at Harmonising Outcome Measures for Eczema

UK DCTN - this is the link to the UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network and may be of real interest for those wanting to set their own research networks up ·        

CEBD - this is the link to the homepage for the website for the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology website. If you go to the resources page you’ll see we have some really great and useful material on the site which should be of interest for lots of visitors to your website, including clinical tools and collation of evidence resources such as maps of systematic reviews.