DermatoEpidemiology Network 


How do I join ADEN?

ADEN membership is open to any U.S. resident interested in dermatoepidemiology.   To join ADEN,  send Dr Weinstock an email to with your name, email address, and one sentence description of your involvement in dermatoepidemiology.  Please note, the listserve should not be used for commercial purposes  

What is the difference between ADEN and the AAD Epidemiology Expert Resource Group?

ADEN is comprised of a network of individuals that perform dermato-epidemiology research that was formed to promote collaboration and to excel the investigation of the incidence, causes, prevention of skin-diseases related research. Membership in the Society of Investigative Dermatology is recommended (but not required).

The Epidemiology Expert Resource Group consists of AAD Member (AAD membership required) who serve as a resource for the AAD to facilitate interaction and communication on projects related to epidemiology, health services research, and public health within the dermatologic community