DermatoEpidemiology Network 

Meetings and Functions


Society of Investigative Dermatology (SID)

  • ADEN meets yearly in collaboration with the SID  Annual meeting

                        *The group organizes and conducts a minisymposia sessions at the SID

                        *A networking social event occurs yearly at the SID Annual meeting

American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)

  • The group collaborates with the efforts of the  DermatoEpidemiology Expert Resource Group (DermEpi ERG)
  • The group may organizes and conducts individual sessions on  at the AAD

                      *Epidemiology    * Cochrane Evidence Based Medicine

European DermatoEpidemiology Network (EDEN)

  • ADEN conducts combined meetings with EDEN

             * Every 3 Years at the International Investigative Dermatology Meeting  (IID)

International DermatoEpidemiology Association (IDEA)             

  •  ADEN joins with EDEN and other DermatoEpidemiology Groups

                          *Every 5 Years  an Independent Meeting

Additional meetings are arranged as the opportunity arises with groups such as

  • Cochrane Evidence Based Medicine Society
  • Keratinocyte Carcinoma Consortium (KerCon) 
  • Other 

Goal of ADEN is to promote:

  • The role of epidemiology in dermatology
  • The role of evidence based medicine
  • The mentorship of dermatologists in training
  • Interactions among investigators, patient support groups, large dermatology practices, pharmaceutical industry, and data management organizations.


History of Aden

In 2006 American DermatoEpidemiology Network (ADEN) was founded i as an outgrowth of a dermatoepidemiology group that started meeting at the SID in the early 1990's.  ADEN began to have its own meeting at the SID.  At this meeting  13  papers were presented to an overwhelming crowd of  > 50 people.  In 2010,  through the efforts of Dr Robert Dellavalle, a dermatologic sub-meeting of the Cochrane Group met at the University of Colorado School of Medicine

By 2011, ADEN had received over  50 submissions for presentations.  Many of which were presented at the meeting.  In addition, there was a dermatoepidemiology minisymposia at the SID  coordinated by members of ADEN wherein an additional x papers were presented to  nearly 100 individuals. 2011  also was the year that this website,  the DECTRC effort and the pSOAR projects were launched .   2011  also was the year that this website,  the DECTRC effort and the pSOAR projects were launched

2012became  a keynote year for the group.     The AAD Meeting in San Diego CA include for the first time a Cochrane Evidenced Based Medicine Session.   At the SID Meeting in Raleigh NC included a Dermatoepidemiology Minisymposia.   Clearly dermatoepidemiology and its role in evidenced based medicine has gained recognitions.   From a handful of individuals meeting in 2006  hundreds attended the sessions, symposia and the annual ADEN sub-group meeting.     The pSOAR project gained international recognition and joined with IDEOM

  • For more events  see the Future Meeting Page.

We are dermatologists, epidemiologists, and others  interested in applying epidemiology and epidemiologic principles to problems in dermatology.

Mission Statement

To network the individuals performing dermato-epidemiological research and promote among them the ability to collaborate and excel in investigations of the incidence, causes, prevention, health services utilization,  effects on quality of life, and health care utilization.

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